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Custom & Tax

In order to assure your time and low fee, E-hermes will deal with the parcel with the most reasonabletax

E-hermes will assure that the goods clear China Customs, but we can not be responsible for clearance in your country. If your parcel is levied tax, you need to manage it by yourself. However, the probability of happening that situation is very small, only 0.1% of parcels will be taxed.

Civil parcel is not levied tax, but commercial parcels require.


What is a commercial parcel?

There is own concept about confirming a commercial parcel in different countries.

In many countries, the weight of the parcel is the principal criterion for every countries' customs to judge whether the parcel is a civil parcel or a commercial parcel. The probability of regarding as commercial parcel is quite large if the weight exceeds 10 kg, Customs will block these parcels and ask you to pay duties. To prevent this, you should monitor the weight of your parcel.

Having more than 5 many similar items in the same parcel will draw the Customs' attention. You should not send large numbers of similar products together. Instead, part them into different parcels.

In Eastern Europe, for example a commercial parcel is judged;

The value of parcel is more than €300 one day in Ukraine;

The value of parcel is more than 1000 in Russia and Kazakhstan;

The value of parcel is more than 120 in Belarus .

How to avoid tax?

You can refer to the following three recommendations: 

1. please consider the weight when you submit waybill. 

2. If you choose DHL, the volume is also required to consider(DHL charges according to volume and weight ). 

3. E-hermes system has not set that the maximum weight of every parcel is 20kg. If the weight exceeds 19.5kg, you can submit the waybill respectively. But E-hermes recommends that the weight of every parcel is less than 10kg. 

4. There are too much the same items.You can also part them into different parcels.Please try to avoid using a parcel to ship too many same itmes.

5. If you are from EC, for example Germany, it is better that you leave a note to us that write down on the parcel a marks such as “Own Clothes”, “Old items”

We suggest that before shipping, E-hermes customers take the initiative to find out policies of their local customs. In countries with high rate of customs clearance, there is no need to pay any fees. However, in countries with low rate of customs clearance such as Argentina, customers may be required to pay tariffs.



1) Japanese Customs are very strict. Do not try to deliver counterfeit items to Japan. 80% of parcels will be confiscated by Japan Customs.

2) Italian Customs will pay special attention to counterfeit shoes. Compared to other European countries, Italian customs are the strictest.


4. Customs-clean: 

1) We guarantee clearance at Chinese customs, and we will bear responsibility for all problems associated with Chinese customs.

2)  Destination customs: If there are tariff requirements or confiscated goods in your country, we cannot be responsible for damage or loss.


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