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What is a overseas purchasing?

    What is a Shopping Agent?

    What is a overseas purchasing?

    Under what situationswe choose purchasing?

    What is a overseas purchasing?

    Purchasing, it means that to find someone to help buy the goods which you need, becauseyou can not buy the products in your city, or the price of local products is  

    more expensive than in other areas. Help people to buy goods from China, and then ship bycourier to abroad, is a common form o fpurchasing.So this middleman

    is a overseas Shopping Agent.

    Through, you can search any goods on most of online shopping site,shopping can be achieved directly with foreign exchange payments,do not  

    need fly to China and buy with RMB, million kinds of commodities are inyour fingers, absolutely fast and convenient!

    The pluses of using to purchase:

    A. Your choice is unlimited, shopping on the internet at home;
    B. You can useU.S. dollar, Euro, or your national currency in circulation to shopping;
    C. You can receive your goods in 10-21days after receipt your order;
    D. You cannot be worry about the defects, quantity, declaration and all problem in purchasing process is under protection by E-hermes system;

    E. You can enjoy the professional service of E-hermes’service team,we will care andsolve all problems encountered inthe overseas shopping process.

    Under what situationswe choose purchasing?

    A.If you are a Chinese oversea,and you are accustomed tothe use ofdomestic products, services, or preferencefor a particular brand of goods when you can 

    entrust  us to buy;

    B.Some specialproducts which can be just bought in China;

    C.If you want the multiple models,and do not want to spend extra time to shopping;

    D. Found aprice advantage: one model of some brand,but the priceis in Chinais much cheaper than my country; Meanwhile, is designed a

    unique money-saving shopping mode for customers;

    E.If you want to buy something special, and do not want to buy these highly repetitive products in own city or country;

    G.Buy a gift for your domestic family or friends in China: just write down the consignee’s address and name, E-hermes will directly deliver goods to the consignee’s

    hands. This service also is applied in the situation if your relatives or friends want to send aparcel to you overseas.

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